27th Sunday in Ordinary Time 2020-A

My brothers and sisters in the Lord!

Whenever Jesus tells a Story, (his parables) he uses the life experiences of the people to teach them about the kingdom of God and about the relationships that we need to develop if our lives are to reach their ultimate fulfillment sin the kingdom of heaven. The stories relate to what the people know about at home, it could be farming, fishing , building and how to make these things work for the common good of all. They are examples which even today relate to life as we know it. In the Gospel today the context is a vineyard, with tenant employed to manage it. Having been left with the responsibility, these tenants begin to think of it as their property and vineyard, and when the time comes to produce the harvest for the owner they resent it. They beat up and kill the owners representatives, including, finally his own son.
The story is an allegory and Jesus reminds the chief priests and elders of the prophecy of Isaiah, found in the first reading of today. God is the creator of the vineyard, God’s own people, on whom God has spent a great deal of love and attention, but has not received the harvest which was expected. Jesus develops this image, focusing on those who are now responsible for the care of his vineyard; that is the priests and the elders. They have begun to think of the people as their own possession and so reject the message of the prophets, who are the emissaries of God, Now is the time for the final act, where they reject the Son, Jesus, and are about to kill him.
We might ask ourselves, so, what does all this have to do with us today? Well, first of all we are responsible citizens. Each and everyone of us has a care for everyone else and for what Pope Francis calls our common home. We are all workers in the vineyard of the Lord. This is not something exclusively for church leaders, but rather for all of us. It is not something that relates only to religious things, but to everything and everybody who shares this planet with us. It’s about making the world the place God wants it to be.
Over the centuries there have been movements of conquest and colonization, which have led to the enslavement and oppression of millions of people. There have been wars of liberation and there have been transformation of culture as human beings have learned the ways of international cooperation and peace. However, there are continuing examples of war and violence all around the world. With this as a constant back drop, the word of God provides us with a vision of a world at peace where kingdoms and peoples gather in unity to worship the one God and Lord of all. The role of God’s people is to give witness and possibility of such a reality, to produce the good fruits of God’s vineyard. Jesus came to reinforce this message of peace and reconciliation and sent out his disciples to demonstrate an new way of living together, that is the way of forgiveness and service. There is no place in God’s world for violent oppression and exploitation of others. The death and resurrection of Jesus is God’s answer to human selfishness and greed. Today, the disciples of Jesus, his Church, you and I, are the tenants responsible for producing the fruits of the harvest of God’s vineyard.
Peace; Fr. Joe

Special Events this week
We remind that today, Sunday, October 4th, 2020 we will be hosting the Rosary Congress, which is an all- night Adoration and Rosary event beginning at 7PM this evening, and ending at 7PM Monday evening, October 5th, 2020. This will place in our main church and will include Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament, recitation of the Rosary as well as private prayer throughout the night. We are still in need of volunteers to lead a decade of the Rosary every hour. If you can offer some time, please call Terri Westcott or Sr. Marie and let them know your availability.
Cardinal Tobin has requested that we all remember in our prayers, President Trump, First Lady, Melania and all those who have been infected by the coronavirus. May the Lord touch them with healing and peace, and inspire with his wisdom and perseverance all who work developing therapies and a vaccine.

Good Shepherd Academy will be having their annual Tricky Tray, on Saturday, October 17th, 2020 please check the flyer for more information concerning this event.

Tickets of our Super 50/50 Raffle are available in Church. Drawing will be on December 27th, 2020 the Feast of the Holy Family of Jesus, Mary and Joseph. Please support our parish in this special fund raising event . As you know not being able to have our annual Festival this year will be a great financial loss for us. Your continued support is greatly appreciated.

Please pray for our First Holy Communion Children, who will be making their First Communion the next three Saturdays. And also our Confirmation group who will making their Confirmation in November. Virtual on line Religious Education Classes have begun and have been challenging for the students as well as the teachers. Please pray for our program.
Next weekend , we have been asked to have a special second collection for our Annual Appeal for the Archdiocese. We ask you to put your offering in one of the large envelopes found in that back of church, then place your offering in the collection boxes found within the church. As always, many thanks for your continued generosity. May God bless you abundantly.