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Quotes – Steward of the Month, Paul Del Polito

“I admire Paul’s faithfulness as a true steward of all that God has shared with him. His fidelity to the choir, his outstanding compassion and fidelity to those to whom he brings the Eucharist, his deeply anchored faith in God and family, and the witness he gives to our parish, impresses me.”                                                                                                                                                                      – Msgr. Paul

“His life reflects his Faith.”                                                                                                                                                                      – Dave Del Polito

“Paul has sung along side of me in the choir over 40 years. Many basses have come and gone but Paul is very faithful. His beautiful voice is a big part to our music. I see Paul every day at mass and 2-3 times a week he brings communion to the homebound. He is very humble. He and his family have become wonderful friends to me through the years.”  – Jo Ann Trezza

“Paul fulfills a meaning of time, talent and treasure by his actions and he is an excellent example of a worthy  stewardship honoree.”

– Theresa Ruffo

“Paul has always impressed me with his faithfulness and service. When he was sick he stayed close to the Lord through the reception of the Eucharist. In his wellness, he has taken the Eucharist to others who are sick. How appropriate and wonderful that he will be recognized for his service on Corpus Christi Sunday. Paul clearly witnesses Stewardship in his use of time, talent and faith. He is a true Steward. Congratulations Paul.”                                                                                                                                                           – Jerry Vernice

“ In spite of the many challenges Paul has had these past years, one thing is very clear: his unwavering faith in God and his continuing service of time and talent in the adult choir. I recall, after his leg was fractured in an accident, as soon as he could make the many stairs to the choir loft, he was right back to singing with the rest of the group.”              Susan Loricchio


June Steward of the Month: Paul Del Polito

Interview with June Steward of the Month: Paul Del Polito

Paul Del Polito was born and raised in Newark, lived in Bloomfield and Nutley, and then settled in Belleville with his wife, Angela. Paul attended Essex Catholic High School and graduated from Fairleigh Dickinson University. He and Angela recently celebrated 40 years of marriage. They were married by the late Bishop Saltarelli (Fr. Saltarelli at the time). They have 2 sons, Paul and Michael, a daughter-in-law, Vita, and a beautiful granddaughter, Faith.

Paul is currently enjoying retirement with Angela. He taught math at the Belleville Middle School for 37 years. Being a former student of his, it was rewarding for me to sit down with him and chat of his stewardship of time and talent. He has a calm and humble personality which was evident, even in his classroom. He maintained control and possessed an invested interest in his students, even when class sizes were close to 50+ students.

A parishioner of Holy Family for over 50 years, Paul was raised within a strong Italian, Catholic family. He attended church every Sunday with his brother Dave and their parents. At the age of 18 he developed a passion for singing and joined the Holy Family choir. Paul’s parents were already giving of their voice in the choir when Paul joined. It brought much joy to him to sing along side his parents in the choir. Paul can still be heard singing at the 12:00 noon Mass every Sunday. His voice is truly a talent and the time he gives every Sunday to share his passion and talent are truly a welcomed token of Stewardship.

About 5 years ago, Paul was motivated to become a minister of the Holy Eucharist when he, himself, was homebound for a 2 month period recovering from an accident. He was truly inspired by Jerry Vernice, a past Steward of the Month, who gave service to Paul every Sunday while he was recuperating and homebound. As a Eucharistic Minister, Paul feels rewarded to be giving back to the Lord. He greatly enjoys bringing the Eucharist to the homebound and spending time with them. Bringing the Eucharist to the homebound creates a more personal relationship with the Lord and with those whom he visits. He gives of his time and talent of listening to those who are sick.

When asked what stewardship means to him, Paul said it’s giving back for the many blessings he has been awarded. He goes on to say that these awards are just the icing on the cake for the ultimate award he is waiting for. He continues to give back to the Lord by “praising God twice,” as he puts his heart and emotion into singing His words. Paul, although shocked at first, is truly honored and humbled to be the June 2012 Steward of the Month. Congratulations!

Submitted by Ellen Bennett
Stewardship Council Member