Archdiocese of Newark

Directives for Reopening of Churches for Mass

My brothers and sisters in the Lord;

Cardinal Tobin announces the commencement of Phase Three of the Reopening of Churches.


We ask you to read the directives here on the website and stay updated in the bulletin so that you may know what is happening. We are limited to 100 people per Mass, including the celebrant and servers.

Once again, we are allowed a maximum capacity of 100 people including the celebrant and servers.We remind all to take your temperature before coming to church and to wear a mask during Mass or you will not be allowed entry. Please carry you own personal hand santizer with you.If you are ill and not feeling well, we ask you to remain at home. It is important that social distancing is kept at all times.

Please remember that we are in church to pray and not converse with each other. It is important that we continue to stay safe.

We ask you to enter through the main church doors and exit by any side doors close to your seating area.

Please follow the direction of our staff and volunteers while in church.

We thank you for your attention in this matter.

Fr. Joe, Fr. Mauro, & Fr. Francesco

Phase Two continues the dispensation from the Sunday obligation and Easter Duty, maintains all provisions of Phase one and now permits weekday Masses, Funerals, Baptisms and Weddings. (following the directives of Phase Three for
the celebration of Mass.

All of the directives issued on May 11, 2020 and the emendations of the Addendum issued on May 27, remain in force with the following additions or changes only:

  1. The number of participants is now set at 25% of the churches capacity or 50 participants in total including the celebrant and ministers. All the directives on social distancing , wearing masks and sanitizing remain in force.
  2. Phase Two should be used as attest and fine tune the procedures for implementation, particularly the provisions you will need to have in place for communicating with your faithful and limiting capacity.
  3. Since there will be parishes that are not ready or able to open, Phase Two, as no one is required to open if they are not, pastors and administrators as asked to communicate to their deans ASAP whether you are not opening Phase Two on June 15, 2020 as well as the reasons.
Before Mass
Cardinal Tobin will continue to dispense the faithful from the obligation to attend Mass on Sunday and Holy Days as well as from the “Easter Duty”.

The following rules must be followed: Please enter church through main doors.

a. In accord with national, state and local health directives, those who show symptoms of COVID-19 or have been exposed to another infected person ARE NOT PERMITTED TO ENTER CHURCH FOR 14 DAYS. It is recommended that everyone should check their temperature at home before coming to church
b. Those who are at risk because of underlying health issue or are 60 or older ARE STRONGLY ENCOURAGED TO TAKE RISKS POSED BY ATTENDANCE at public celebrations of the Mass.
c. Mass will be livestreamed at different times so that if you are unable to attend you may maintain a spiritual connection with the Church.
d. Six feet of distance must be maintained between households, even of one individual attending liturgy. Pews will be blocked off to maintain that distancing.

Appropriate cleaning of high–use areas need to be wiped down before each service.
a. All pews used by participants must be wiped down before Mass.
b. All hymnals, missalettes should be removed from the pews from pews. NO MATERIALS MAY BE LEFT IN THE PEWS. You may bring your own resources (Magnificat etc.) from home, but do not leave in church.
c. Holy water fonts MUST REMAIN EMPTY until further notice.
d. Hand Sanitizer is at entrance of the church – we encourage you to bring your own.
e. The faithful MUST WEAR A MASK to enter church and to wear during the celebration of the Mass, and may remove for a moment in order to receive Holy Communion. Ushers and volunteers MUST WEAR MASKS AND GLOVES throughout the celebration of Mass.


f. Clergy and other ministers are to wear masks and maintain six-foot distancing and should not greet parishioners as the enter church. Those at the altar are to wear a mask if distributing Holy Communion.
g. Information should be provided before the celebration regarding social distancing, the form of the Sign of Peace and the manner of receiving Holy Communion.

  1. Doors are to be propped or held open before and after Mass to prevent people from touching , handles knobs or push plates.
  2. Staff, Ushers, or other volunteers should direct people to specifically marked pews. As indicated earlier, attendance will be limited to ensure compliance with social distancing requirements.
  3. Families are to maintain six foot distancing between their household,
  4. even of one individual, throughout the entire celebration.
    1. Seating must be maintained with six feet of distance between members of one household and another.
    2. Two pews will be left vacant in between rows such that six feet of distance can be maintained in all directions.
    3. All ministers, including music must maintain six foot social
  5. The entrance/recessional procession should be done only if social distancing can be maintained.
  6. The Procession at the Presentation of the Gifts is suspended. Collection baskets (or any other materials are not to be passed from one family to another, nor shall ushers take up a collection from the congregation.Instead, fixed baskets are to be used for donations from the assembly and should be monitored by the ushers until donations are handled according
    to proper protocols.
  7. There must be NO PHYSICAL Contact during the sign of peace. A simple gesture , such as a bow, or nod is recommended.
  8. It is recommended that separate chalices be prepared for each concelebrating priest and or/deacon.
  9. Priests or deacons who are at-risk groups are permitted to refrain from distributing Holy Communion and may delegate distribution to other Communion Ministers.
  10. For the distribution of Holy Communion, ushers or other volunteers who are masked and gloved will ensure the six-foot distancing in the Communion line. Please follow the floor markings as you make your way to and from communion.
  11. Communion ministers MUST be masked and sanitize their hands
    immediately BEFORE AND AFTER distributing Communion. Ministers
    should AVOID PHYSICAL CONTACT when placing the host in the
    communicant’s hands.
  12. Holy Communion is ONLY PERMITTED IN THE HAND. Distribution of Holy Communion from the CHALICE is PROHIBITED to the assembly. For those who are gluten intolerant, special arrangements are to be made with the pastor.
  13. Ushers or ministers of hospitality should assist in maintaining a single file during the distribution of Holy Communion in order for each Communion minister and communicant to maintain social distancing in all directions.
  14. When approaching the Communion minister, the communicant should
    make a slight bow of the head, receive the host in the hand, lift his/her mask and consume the host.
  15. Those who refrain from receiving still unite themselves with the sacrifice of Christ. Non communicants are kindly asked to remain in their places rather than coming forward to request a blessing.
  1. Families and individuals should leave the church in an organized manner wearing masks and observing six feet of distance between households. Ushers or ministers of hospitality may need to direct this process. Please note that we ask all of our parishioners to enter the church through the main entrance. All other doors will be locked. However; at the end of Mass we ask that you exit the doors closest to your seated area.
  2. Ushers are not to hand out bulletins or other materials – Please note that weekly bulletins and all information will be accessible from our web page
  3. Clergy and minsters may only greet parishioners as they exit the church if they can maintain social distancing and avoid physical contact.
  4. There are to be no receptions or social gatherings (coffee and doughnuts) following Mass.
  5. Please note that pews and other high traffic areas need to be wiped down before the next service and so we appreciate your attention and support in this matter.