Homily – 3/22/2019

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Dear parishioners

How are you?
As you know, The three of us are in quarantine since last weekend.
I couldn’t write anything last week because I was still in shock and I am still recovering from  what was going on in my Country.
But now I am ready and I am praying  that God inspires me to give a word of consolation and of Faith to all of You.

I want to share some thoughts and reflections for this Sunday Liturgy

This Sunday the  Gospel narrates the episode of the blind man .
He was suffering from blindness from his birth. He had a CROSS a SUFFERING from his birth.
You and I are this blind man who suffer and don’t know why.
This is a fact, an historical fact that makes the blind person question his belief in God.

We also suffer for many things and today especially, we are dealing with the Covid19.

We are told by the local authorities to stay home.
We don’t know for how long.
So the question arise;


Where is GOD?

In the last Sunday’s Gospel the Samaritan woman asks Jesus
Where do we worship on this mountain or in Jerusalem?
But Jesus replied, “The hour is coming -INDEED IS ALREADY HERE- when true worshippers will worship the Father in SPIRIT and TRUTH.
The HOUR is NOW the COVID19 HOUR to worship the Lord in Spirit and TRUTH.
We are not only body but SPIRIT.
In the innermost part of our Being we find the SPIRIT .
Saint Paul says that God testifies to our SPIRIT that we are Children of God
Let us take advantage of this TRAGIC time to enter within ourselves and speak to God, listen to Him, Beg him
Lord Jesus Christ Have mercy on me a sinner….Lord Help me !!!!
Lord where are you!!!  Do you Love me!!!’
I am sure you will Hear God speaking in your Heart, in the secret of your heart .
We are the TEMPLE of the Holy Spirit. Don’t Ever forget this..
Let us shut the door and pray to the Lord in Secret.
Let us worship the Lord also In TRUTH.
The truth my brothers and sister is our HISTORY, our REALITY, our CROSS.
Let us ACCEPT our history, the mistake we make and we have made, the people God has put in our lives, the injustices of the world and the things we CANNOT CHANGE .
We will meet God in the HISTORY.
The Blind man MET Jesus Christ in his HISTORY, in his CROSS.
He was Blind .
Blindness is the inability to see the LOVE of God in our Lives .

But God doesn’t leave us in our Blindness but intervenes in our lives  and throws MUD on our Eyes .
The mud that Jesus throws in our eyes TODAY is the COVID19

Sorry for being so BLUNT !!

GOD doesn’t punish ANYBODY
But he ALLOWS evil ONLY to transform it into something GOOD, because God is GOOD .

Let us Convert in this time to the Love of God for us .
You May say, but Father where is the Love of God in This ?

This is an IMMENSE opportunity for ALL of us to Love JESUS CHRIST and to LOVE and FORGIVE our brothers and Sisters

To love Christ is the ONLY TRUTH, the ONLY TRUTH .

Everything else will pass

But Christ remains NOW and FOREVER !!!!

God bless you all

Fr Mauro