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As we enter this Holy Week, it will be very different the routine will be something we are not used to, something totally unimaginable. We are all confined to our homes and this is a time to reconnect with our immediate family, a time to reflect, a time to pray together most especially the Rosary. We need to add some spiritual readings for self-nourishment. We need to get back to the basics and enkindle in our hearts the fire of love which might be almost extinguished. We might consider going back to how our great grandparents lived their faith by praying and staying together as a family most especially during turbulent times as we are now experiencing.

May this Holy Week became a special strength to you and your loved ones.

Fr. Joe

We remind you to remember our parish in your prayers I know it might be difficult for many but we do depend on your financial support most especially during the Easter Season.

We encourage to sign up for Parish Giving program. It is simple to join – visit our parish website and click the link to ParishGiving. You can establish your account and set up annual donations in a matter of minutes. It’s very simple.

This program is especially convenient for those who have children in the religious Education (CCD) program as well as for those who have students in our parish school Good Shepherd Academy. You are then easily able to establish that you are an active, and participating parishioner our Church.

Please read this message from Father Joe with and update on COVID-19

Coronavirus Update a Memorandum from the Archdiocese of Newark on March 25 2020

A humble request from Father Joe Ferraro

…Holy Family Parish celebrates the life of our Lord Jesus Christ by proclaiming the Good News and providing spiritual growth, support and service with love.

“I love our church and can't wait to return as quickly as possible.”

Lynn FaldutoRectory Secretary


While the church is close, bulletins will not be updated. You can see past bulletins.

Daily Prayer

We have begun a daily prayer while the church is closed. Please come back everyday for the homily.


There is so much information we need to deliver. Please check our announcements often.


Now more than ever our parish needs your help. Please give what you can.

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